Disability Empowerment Hour

Empowering you, with input from you

A self-described empowered disabled man, Kiel Moses created and launched the Disability Empowerment Hour. JFCS’ Disability Support Services (DSS) is here to learn from and provide helpful information to greater Portland’s disabled community.

That starts with conversation. “Hearing from the disabled community and what they need is crucial for DSS,” Kiel said.

During the late-August Disability Empowerment Hour, Kiel and Zoe Muller, MSW, co-facilitated a roundtable, “Your Voice Matters.” The well-attended Zoom-based discussion was open to the disabled community and their allies.

Topics discussed included:

  • referrals to disability-specific services
  • social events and outings
  • disability advocacy and justice

“JFCS,” Kiel said, “is ready and committed to hearing from people with disabilities and their allies to respond as best as possible to their needs.”

Want your voice heard? It matters.

Please respond to DSS’ brief survey, available HERE
 and share your ideas for Disability Support Services and how it can support you.