JFCS’ Life & Legacy

Jewish Family & Child Service is proud to be one of the ten organizations selected in Oregon and SW Washington to participate in LIFE & LEGACY, a partnership of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation. The program promotes after-lifetime giving to benefit and build endowments for local Jewish day schools, synagogues, social service agencies, and other Jewish entities.

What is LIFE & LEGACY™?
An endowment program, LIFE & LEGACY promotes after-lifetime giving, including to Jewish Family & Child Service in order to sustain this valued organization that assists thousands every year and maintain its vibrancy. An endowment in place means JFCS receive a steady stream of cash flow, thus putting less stress on perennial challenges like shoring up annual operating budgets.

Why leave a Legacy gift?
You help ensure JFCS’ values, services and provision of stability and hope to our clients – long into the future. In fact, you may already support JFCS, but have you considered including our agency in your will or estate plan? By leaving a legacy, you help ensure that our 75-year-old organization that means so much to you now will exist well into the future, for future generations.

How do I participate, to help secure JFCS’ strong future?
We all have the ability to leave a legacy. Your legacy gift can be customized and structured to fit your lifestyle, family and financial interests. You can provide support for Jewish Family & Child Service in any area of interest. Leaving a Legacy is simple.

Some Options Include:

  • Bequest in a will
  • Gift of life insurance
  • Gift of IRA, 401(k), or pension funds
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

What are my next steps?
1.Reflect on your Jewish passions and JFCS’ importance to Portland’s Jewish and greater communities.

2. Email Rebekah Ratner-Singh with any questions.

3. Complete and return to JFCS the Declaration of Intent form.

4. If necessary, formalize your commitment by consulting with a financial or legal adviser.

5. Complete the Legacy Gift Confirmation form to affirm your gift designation. It remains on file at the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation (OJCF).


Join JFCS’ Life & Legacy, as the following people have, with your gift designated in your will or trust:

Ron & Judy Applebaum
Gloria Bacharach*
Stephen & Toby Blake
Gerel Blauer*
Beverly & Stephen Bookin
Kathy & Norman Chusid
Nathan Cogan
Sheri & Lee Cordova
Susan Danielson
Richard Dobrow
Jen & Howard Feldman
Marian Fenimore
Sally Rosenfeld & Andrew Frank
Bob & Lesley Glasgow
Miriam Hecht
Larry Holzman
Stephen* & Elaine Kantor
Randy Katz
Lesley Isentein & Steve Laveson
Ruben* & Elizabeth Menashe
Michael Millender
Alan & Lana Miller
Leah Nepom*
Helaine Gross & Paul* Norr
Dale Oller, MD
Ray* & Dorothy* Packouz
Gary & Sylvia Pearlman
Eve & Alan Rosenfeld
Stanley & Madelle Rosenfeld
Elaine Savinar
Leonard & Elayne Shapiro
Michael Simon
Les* & Martha Soltesz
Corinne & Larry Spiegel
Menachem Teiblum*
Larry Volchok
Jennifer and Ken Zeidman
Justin Zellinger

*Of blessed memory


It’s easier than you think and more meaningful than you know:

  1. There is no minimum amount required.
  2. Your legacy gift can be directed to a specific JFCS program.
  3. Your legacy gift can be funded during your lifetime or distributed from your estate.

To learn more about how to create your Jewish Legacy, please email Rebekah Ratner-Singh.