Get help

If you’re experiencing a mental health emergency, call 988. If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, call 911. If you need assistance but aren’t sure what kind, call 211.

Click here for a comprehensive list of resources recommended by JFCS.

To contact our different programs:


  • Counseling provides compassionate, person-centered, trauma-informed mental-health services to adults, children, teens, couples and families facing life’s challenges. 
    To reach the Counseling program, click here

Community Support Services

  • Community Support Services offers a very robust, categorized list of resources for services available throughout greater Portland. 
    To reach Community Support Services, click here

Disability Support Services

  • Disability Support Services provides social-connections and educational programs and resources for additional services.
    To reach Disability Support Services, click here

Holocaust Survivor Services

  • Holocaust Survivor Services’ bilingual (Russian-English) case managers are trained to specifically provide dedicated services – home-care, case management, conversations and community building – for Survivors clients. 
    Holocaust Survivor Services, click here


For all other help, click here.