A client searches for support and finds hope

Struggling with persistent mental-health issues related to a history of trauma, disabled and one uncertain paycheck away from houselessness, Asher*, in his 30s, came to JFCS seeking help. Soon, he received the support he needed from across the agency.  

Asher first received support from a clinician – a licensed clinical social worker – to help him manage his mental-health challenges that hindered his ability to work. The trust relationship Asher and a member of JFCS’ Counseling team forged allowed him to open up, expressing fear about getting too far behind in his rent payments and where his next meal would come from. 

The clinician helped Asher secure gift cards for groceries so he could make rent. A disability support specialist also entered into the relationship, guiding JFCS’ client with referrals and resources so he could gain access to disability benefits and develop connections within the disability services community.  

Douglass Ruth, LCSW, clinical director, says, “JFCS provides mental-health services and helps the client acknowledge some of the stressors and barriers impacting the severity of his symptoms. Because we had a counselor, intake case manager and disability specialist, we could each address an area of need to provide the best outcome.”

Doug added, “Furthermore, because of continued counseling support beyond Asher’s immediate crisis, JFCS used ongoing community support to develop a plan for meeting life goals, reducing the chance of relapse.”

Asher said, “I want you to know how helpful the gift cards are to me specifically, since the government benefits I do receive limit me from purchasing household items or clothing that I need.” 

He continued, “Thank you so much for making me feel safe to share hard things.” 

*Asher is a pseudonym to protect the client’s privacy