Share your stories of 75 years of JFCS help

Everyone loves a good story. Do you have one about Jewish Family & Child Service?

JFCS has been providing stability and hope to Portland’s Jewish and greater communities since 1947. This is our 75th year, and we’re seeking stories about how JFCS has helped you, a friend or a loved one over the decades. It’s been 75 years: we’re certain there are some great anecdotes out there, as well as photographs and memorabilia.

Perhaps your story is from a bygone era that reflected a communal need at the time.

For example, JFCS once helped facilitate adoptions in the late 1970s, resettled Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union, and provided household goods like kitchen sup- plies and furniture to Holocaust survivors.

Or perhaps your story reflects communal needs evolving out of the pandemic.

JFCS pivoted immediately in March 2020 from in-person counseling to providing mental health assistance online, increased its reach into greater Portland to help more clients than ever before with making rent or putting food on the table, and provided stim- ulating online arts and crafts gatherings for our disabled clients.

Indeed, everyone loves a good story, and JFCS is sharing yours throughout this 75th year. JFCS supports its community because you support JFCS. Reach into your memory banks – including boxes of photos and filing cabinets. Remind us how things were and help us celebrate!

To participate, contact JFCS Communications Manager Jenn Director Knudsen at