Sammy Monk

Volunteer Coordinator

Sammy Monk (she/her) works alongside program case managers to connect JFCS clients to community members who can assist them in a number of ways, such as with transportation, hunger relief and social opportunities. As the inaugural person in this position for JFCS that was created two years ago, Sammy and a volunteer team of 170 people from all over greater Portland have supported clients from each of the agency’s four programs, as well as for specific community projects, such as the COVID-19 vaccination and Ukrainian refugee support programs. Sammy also helms JFCS’ social-media accounts on Instagram and Facebook on which she posts five days a week, every week of the year.

As an extrovert who enjoys making people smile, Sammy loves this job; she gets to meet potential volunteers and help them reach their service-related goals while bringing ease to clients’ lives.

When not connecting a volunteer to a fulfilling task on behalf of JFCS, Sammy hikes, camps, collects rocks (called rockhounding for the uninitiated), road trips to national parks and never met an animal she didn’t like. Along those lines, Sammy herself is a volunteer, fostering dogs who need an interim home prior to adoption. Time with friends, crafting, watching films and enjoying all of Portland’s terrific food also top her list.