JFCS responds to war in Ukraine


Dear Friends,

Like you, I am following the disturbing and scary news coming out of Ukraine as it faces an ongoing, unprovoked attack from its neighbor, Russia. With an estimated population of 200,000 Jews, Ukraine is home to one of the world’s largest Jewish communities. Ukraine’s Jews appear at increased risk of danger. Their safety – and that of their millions of countrymen – is uncertain, and I am left with a feeling of helplessness. 

However, I also have learned of ways I can help from afar, and I share this information with you, should you also be so moved to assist where you can.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (also known as the JDC or the Joint) is providing direct aid to the Jews of Ukraine. The JDC is a member agency of the Network of Jewish Human Services Agencies, of which JFCS is a part. You can contribute directly to the JDC or through our Jewish Federation of Greater Portland. The JDC offers this list, here, of most-needed items your gift can help provide.

A member of JFCS’ staff and a number of our Holocaust Survivor clients are from Ukraine, and so the war in Eastern Europe feels very close to home. Thank you for considering helping the Jews of Ukraine.


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Larry Holzman
Board President