JFCS has pivoted to meet the needs of our community, we have revamped existing services, recreated programs that once again are in high demand and we have listened to YOU, making sure that we are offering new and relevant workshops, services and care.

Community Conversation Weekly Zoom Groups

Open to the entire community and moderated by our Clinical Director. This groups brings together individuals from all corners of our community to discuss the struggles and anxieties of living in this Covid-19 world and of course, the impact it has on our daily lives. Not a psychotherapy group, this is a space to chat, to laugh, to vent and to learn from those around you in a Zoom setting. The group meets every Friday at 10am.

Zoom meeting ID: 928 7447 9617
Passcode: 796857

Or click here at 10am on Fridays to join.


Coming Together: A Time to Talk about Parenting Children and Adults with Disabilities

During times of uncertainty, parents with children or adults with disabilities are feeling isolated and alone. In times of crisis, there is comfort in knowing that you are not alone, but part of a caring community. This group is designed to provide a supportive environment for your thoughts and feelings. Email Shayna Sigman at ssigman@jfcs-portland.org for more information or to register.

TIKVAH Social Group

JFCS offers a virtual meet-up group for TIKVAH, a social group for people with disabilities ages 18 and up. If you’re interested in joining, please email ssigman@jfcs-portland.org

Friendly Callers

One of the many challenging facets of day to day life currently is the loss of casual interaction. We don’t get to just bump into folks the way we’re used to. Isolation is challenging and for many: It exacerbates feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness. JFCS Friendly Callers, a Volunteer program, seeks to combat those feelings of isolation with a friendly voice on the phone. Skilled volunteers are connected with people looking for an extra touchpoint in their day. Interested in receiving a call? Click here. Interested in volunteering as a Friendly Caller? Click here. Have questions? Send an email to friendlycallers@jfcs-portland.org.


School and Parent Resources

As we move forward with the ongoing challenges of life in the era of Covid-19, we all must grapple with the question of what this means for our younger generations, for the parents who are navigating how to be both parents and educators and the teachers who have had to shift to profoundly different educational formats. JFCS is pleased to partner with the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland, Dinah Gilburd, LCSW and other community experts to bring a series of workshops and resources to you. Available through Zoom, the links will be accessible through our website and Facebook page.