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Welcome to our special “Un-Luncheon” video. In it, you’ll learn about JFCS and how our programs serve the growing needs of our community. There are many challenges that lie ahead—particularly as we continue to adapt to the global pandemic—but we remain confident in our ability to move forward and improve the quality of life of our clients in the community, Jewish and non-Jewish. We are so very grateful to our supporters: leadership, staff, volunteers and donors, and recognize that none of this would be possible without them/you. Please enjoy the video as it is a feast of inspirational music, readings, prayers and more!
– Larry Holzman, JFCS Board President

You can watch the complete Un-Luncheon video right here or you can select from a variety of segments below.

Larry Holzman

JFCS Board President, Larry Holzman, introduces our Un-Luncheon video event.

David Block (JFCS Executive Director)

Meet our new Executive Director, David Block, who talks about how JFCS quickly pivoted at the onslaught of the global pandemic. David expresses his gratitude toward those who have continued to give during these uncertain times—while the organization strategizes and maintains critical functions within, and even beyond, our community.

Alan & Eve Rosenfeld

Eve and Alan Rosenfeld are interviewed by their daughter Sally. What an inspirational duo!

Kim VanKoten (Holocaust Survivor Services)

Kim VanKoten heads up our Holocaust Survivor Services department. Here, she discusses how the program has responded to COVID-19 while maintaining critical services for Holocaust survivors in the Portland, OR area.

Inga Turman (Caterer to the Holocaust Survivors)

The wonderful caterer, Inga Turman, has been busy making hot meals every week for the Holocaust survivors we serve. A team of volunteers pick up and deliver Chef Inga’s food. She cooks from the heart!

Janet Menashe (Disability Services)

Janet Menashe, Manager of the Disability Services program at JFCS, visits with Molly, a resident at Kehillah House, located on the Cedar Sinai Park campus. Kehillah is independent, affordable housing for adults with developmental disabilities.

Tavia Berrigan (Emergency Aid)

Emergency Aid Program Manager Tavia Berrigan sheds some light on the impact this much-needed service is having on our community. As you can imagine, Tavia has been super busy tending to the needs of people who turn to JFCS for help.

Douglass Ruth (Counseling)

As the Clinical Director at JFCS, Douglass Ruth talks about striving to build empathy with our clients, and the importance of taking person-centered, trauma-informed approaches toward understanding a client’s full experience. And how we continue to provide a safe space for people seeking counseling services.

Dinah Gilburd (Child & Family Therapist)

Dinah Gilburd, child & family therapist, discusses how she has tailored a workshop based on the book, “Five Love Languages of Children.” Dinah’s background has enabled her to listen to the needs of children, adolescents and families in our community and to support them. She also tells us how the workshop (and the book) are excellent tools for families dealing with the uncertainty of a global pandemic.

Wendy Westerwelle (Actor)

Meet Wendy Westerwelle, a Portland stage actor. Wendy shares an intimate story of losing her Mother at a young age—and how the counseling program at JFCS helped her to discover a light at the end of the tunnel.

Alan Rosenfeld Brings Joy To A Crowd

Alan Rosenfeld playing “Hava Nagila” on the violin at the Adult Day Care program at Robison Jewish Health Center. What a treat!

Alan & Eve Rosenfeld (Sally Interviews)

Kim Schneiderman (Performances)

Portland musician and storyteller Kim Schneiderman gave us the honor of featuring her music in our Un-Luncheon video event. Here are three very special and poignant songs she recorded for us.

Let Justice


Oseh Shalom